Christian realities in Syria after five years of war

The war in Syria has now raged for over five years. The violence has affected Muslims, Christians and other minority communities not to mention the country’s neighbours and a sometimes apathetic wider global community.

For today’s ‘Middle East Analysis’ podcast, our studio guest Dr Harry Hagopian, the bishops’ regional consultant, is joined by the pastor who leads the Armenian Evangelical Christian Churches in Syria – Reverend Harout Selimian.

Regular listeners will be well aware that Dr Hagopian is also an Armenian so there’s an interesting chemistry between today’s guests!

But the subject is a serious one. We’re often talking about the realities facing Syria’s Christians – but we do so from a comfortable studio in the centre of London. Today we get a valuable and unique insight from one of Syria’s Christian leaders.

So will there be a Mass exodus like the one predicted for Iraq? Will descendants of the early followers of Christ flee these ancient biblical lands? Listen to our ‘Middle East Analysis’ podcast to find out.


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