To the brave and the faithful, nothing is impossible

Today signals a new dawn for our Middle East Analysis podcasts. MEA continues after more than a decade but the format has changed.

In this fast-paced era of online consumption, we’re taking on our topics in a shorter, sharper way.

Introducing ‘MENA GULF 140’.

So what is it? Well, inspired by the limit to the number of seconds of audio or film you can post to a certain popular micro-blogging platform, ‘MENA GULF 140’ looks at the realities of the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf regions in a mere 2m 20s per topic.

Each month we’ll take on five or six topics with the international lawyer, consultant and analyst Dr Harry Hagopian and the combined answers will make up a brand new ‘MENA GULF 140’ podcast.


10 years since the first so-called Arab Spring
Is the Arab world better or worse off?

UAE, Bahrain and now Sudan now ‘recognise’ Israel after a series of US-brokered deals. What does this mean for other Arab states of the region?

What would a Biden Administration do differently to the Trump Administration regarding Israel/Palestine?

What are the international actors doing to dampen or pour fire on the flames of conflict?

How is Lebanon coping almost 12-weeks after the port-side blast in Beirut?

Libya’s warring sides agreed to a permanent cease-fire on Friday 23 October. Will this end hostilities or is it simply a small step in the right direction?

All this and Dr Hagopian’s final thought.


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