Israel’s Annexation of West Bank land is inevitable… or is it?

It’s rather dangerous to assume anything in the Middle East North Africa region – least of all the shifting dynamics of the relationship between Israel and Palestine. One assumption is that, as early as 1 July, one of Israel’s two unity government Prime Ministers, Benjamin Netanyahu, will announce the annexation of Palestinian land in the West Bank. At this point, any hope of a contiguous state for Palestinians will ebb away and with it hope for a long-term peaceful coexistence for both Israelis and Palestinians.

This hour-long Middle East Analysis brings our resident contributor Dr Harry Hagopian to MEA’s virtual studio. Harry has immersed himself in this most delicate and frustrating peace process for almost 30 years.

But will the annexation actually happen? There are many actors in this drama… Donald Trump and son-in-law adviser Jared Kushner (currently more preoccupied by the protests over the killing of George Floyd and the November Presidential Elections), Israeli settler leaders in the West Bank, Arab neighbours in the region – specifically Jordan, the sluggish response from the EU, the international community and other institutions and that’s before we discuss international law and inevitable comparisons with Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea.


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