Rage Against the MENA Machine

Today’s Middle East Analysis is the first for a few months so we’re hoping you’ll indulge almost an hour of Dr Harry Hagopian’s insight, analysis and, on occasion, wit. Our resident contributor is an international lawyer, commentator and consultant on the Middle East North Africa region.

This podcast isn’t simply a compare-and-contrast looking at the regional popular protests of 2019 and juxtaposing them with the so-called Arab Spring of nine years ago. We do, of course, give due attention to the uprisings in Lebanon and Iraq as well as taking a close look at northern Syria and the Turkish operations in that belt of land.

America’s influence gets a mention and the influence of other countries with a stake in proceedings like Russia and Iran.

Dr Harry Hagopian describes a ‘political pea soup’ that has descended on the region usurping human rights, gobbling up hopes and stunting societies – listen to today’s Middle East Analysis for more…



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