Solving Israel / Palestine: Making Brexit look easy

Whatever the turmoil in the Middle East North Africa region, the tension in the lands where three of the world’s major religions meet – the Holy Land – often paints hard brush strokes on the wider regional landscape.

So where do we turn now with Israel / Palestine?

With the US so heavily involved and a ‘Deal of the Century’ about as feasible as every other so-called solution proposed in the last half-century, what are the options? Two State Solution? Deceased or, at best, being cared for paliatively. One State Solution? Unpalletable to the big players. Management of an Occupation? Surely unacceptable to the global community. Deal of the Century? No deal.

This makes Brexit negotiations look easy.

The man in the hotseat to discuss this is our resident guest on Middle East Analysis – Dr Harry Hagopian. Harry is an international lawyer, analyst and commentator.


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