Popes, Patriarchs and (non) Presidents: Middle East Regional Round-up

For February’s ‘Middle East Analysis’ podcast, regional consultant, commentator and lawyer, Dr Harry Hagopian brings us right up to date with the turmoil of the Middle East in his own unique way. Today we take a look at the historic meeting between Pope Francis and His Holiness Kirill – Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox church. The three-hour meeting takes place in Havana, Cuba on Friday 12 February 2016. It will be the first meeting between a pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch in almost 1,000 years. Dr Hagopian looks at whether there’s any significance in the meeting for the plight of Christians in the MENA region.

We also look at the true facts and stats that lie behind the bloody conflict in Syria – not to mention the latest efforts of the international community to wake from collective slumber to actually do something about it.

Dr Hagopian sees merit in aspects of the Israeli judicial system (with some caveats – listen to find out) and we ask why Lebanon STILL doesn’t have a president to help the country towards much needed stability.

All this and more…


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