Iran Nuclear Deal: A Safer World or a More Anxious Middle East?

The news that Iran has signed a nuclear deal with six world powers – including Britain – dominates July’s ‘Middle East Analysis’ podcast.

On 14 July 2015, after nearly two years of heated negotiations, the P5+1 group consisting of the UK, US, France, Germany, China and Russia came to an agreement with Iran over its nuclear ambitions.

Iran agreed to limit its nuclear capabilities in return for a lifting of the global economic sanctions that have severely impacted on its ability to trade. The Islamic republic has always denied it was enriching uranium for the purposes of building weapons and repeatedly insisted its nuclear programme was peaceful.

Our studio guest, Bishops’ consultant on the MENA region, Dr Harry Hagopian, gives his initial analysis of the deal.

Does it herald a new era or spawn new anxieties?

Is the world a safer place now Iran must dispose of 98% of its enriched uranium?

Will the lifting of sanctions lead to better conditions for Iran’s people?

Will further economic strength fund an increased regional sectarian stand-off between Sunni majority Saudi Arabia and Shi’a Iran?

In a nutshell, what, specifically, does this mean for an incredibly volatile and turbulent Middle East North Africa region?


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